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    Question mac CD-R data! help! help!
    Hey everyone & anyone!
    Does anyone know a good data recovery programme for Mac?
    I have about 4 CD-Rs of Cubase songs that are unreadable and it's breaking my heart! I could send them off to get recovered, but at £100 a shot I'd rather find a D.I.Y. method!
    Hope someone can help!
    Thanks for reading this,

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    If you haven't done so, try them in another computer. Mine stopped reading Memorex DVDs it burnt, whether in OS 9 or X, but it reads others it burnt that aren't Memorex.

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    Yeah, try a couple different drives. Buy a new one if you have to, it's worth a shot before you drop that kind of money.

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    I used to have this device called a CD scratch remover. It sort of slightly abrasively polished the top surface of the CDs which leveled the CD out just enough for the scratches to become smoothed out. It worked pretty well and we managed to fix quite a few scratched CDs and DVDs.

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