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Thread: Safari - Google Toolbar - Workaround

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    Safari - Google Toolbar - Workaround
    I got tired of missing my Google Toolbar in Safari, so I did something about it. It isn't exactly a "toolbar," but it's better than nothing.

    I created a TextEdit file on my Desktop. Then I navigated to each of the Google functions I wanted, Maps, Images, Products, Groups, Products, etc. I copied each of the URLs into my text file, giving each one an appropriate line title such as MAPS -

    Then I right clicked each of the URLs and selected Make Link.

    The last thing was to drag the text file icon from the Desktop, and drop it into Safari's Bookmark Bar, naming it Google Links. Now when in Safari I can simply click on my Google Links button and choose the Google function I want. It's almost as easy as the Toolbar itself.

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    nope i have tried it everywhere too there is nothing where u can hookup g toolbar to the safari browser download Firefox and use it

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    A Google toolbar Available NOW for safari.

    Google Toolbar for Safari

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