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    Garageband reinstall possible w/ provided software?
    I recently tried using Garageband Anywhere to move Garageband to my iPod to free up some disk space. That was not a great move on my part. For whatever reason, all the loops I had installed (2 jam packs) are no longer available in the Garageband loop browser. Theyre still in the application support folder, but I cannot load them in the browser. I tried dragging and dropping them into the browser as the help guide suggested, but no dice. I want to remove all associated Garageband files and start from scratch. From what I can tell, the software cd's that came with my MacBook do not have any iLife applications, thus no Garageband. If this truly is the case, this is a crock of crap. Does anybody know how I can wipe it all out and start from scratch with the software discs that Apple provided? Thanks.

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    The iLife apps should be on the OSX DVD or CDs that came with your computer.

    Put in the CD, mount the image if it doesn't do it on it's own, and then double click the package installer...and there may be a package installer further down in the may need to scroll...called Extras. Run through most of the steps til you get to the point where you have an option to select specific packages, choose that, and then look throught the lists to find the iLife suite, and then garageband.

    If no-one else can help you with this, when i get home in about 2.5 hours I'll try it and give you better instructions.


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