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    Safari.... Crashing?!
    So Since I switched about 3 months ago, I've been loving everything in my Mac Experience so far.

    But now Safari is acting weird for some reason. On a couple of occasions after I click on a link in any web page (Including this lovely forum) I'd get the beach ball and it will BAM! disappear and gives the message "Safari has quite unexpectedly" for the first couple of times I ignored it.

    But now it just happened again but this time it got stuck at the Beach Ball and I had to force quite it since it wouldn't let me do anything or even click the x to close it.

    Any Ideas?!!

    Thanks in advance.

    I forgot to add this is Safari 2.0.4 if that makes a difference!

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    That's weird...

    Safari has always been fine for me, until today. It just crashed, and I got that "This application closed unexpectedly" message. I wonder what the problem could be...

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