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    erm. well confuzzled
    im tryin to run open office and im totally comfused , it says i gotta install the x 11 thing from the cd , what is it , any downsides to installing it or can apple just not be arsed doing it themselves ? cheers in advance

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    X11 is a graphical framework that Apple doesn't use, but it can run on Mac OS X.

    There's no downside really in installing it, it's just not the native UI of Mac OS X, but other than that, it should be fine.

    Keep looking out for a new project called OpenOffice Aqua, which is a X11-free port of OpenOffice. It's currently labeled as an unstable beta, so I beware.

    Why don't you try NeoOffice, which is a port of OpenOffice for the Mac.
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    I agree with yogi, if you want to run OpenOffice, get yourself NeoOffice. It's essentially the same thing, but saves you the trouble of installing X11

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