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Thread: Camino 1.5 released

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    Camino 1.5 released
    Camino 1.5 has just been released and it does look sweet. Just a reminder that Camino is Mac OS X-only but runs on Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine.

    The list of new features looks very impressive. Just to name a few, Camino gains with this latest version session saving (ooh! now that is a godsend! - this means that if ever your browser crashes or when you quit the program, it will memorize the webpages you had open), spell-checking, RSS feed detection, and better tabs system.

    I'm gonna give this baby a try tonight.

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    Apr 19, 2007
    got it using it now and loving things like the spell checker as i suck at spelling being dyslexic as i am.

    tbh i think it has haply over taken fire fox as the best mac browser out there

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    Installed it yesterday. Works great so far. I finally figured out the Spell Checker. It will highlight the misspelled words but you have to Control-Click on the underlined word to bring up the spellcheck window. Been using Camino here as a backup to Safari for 2 years now. Glad this version finally came out. Missed Spell Checking.

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    Yep I've had Camino on my Macs for a couple of years as well except I rarely used it in the end, I felt it lacked some features I really wanted: however it was a nicer alternative to Firefox for me because the interface was much more Mac-like than Firefox's Windoze-y look and feel.

    So can hardly wait to get home and download it once again!

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    I have always used Camino for the simplicity and just seems to load pages better than Safari. Hopefully their tab system has been fixed, I don't like how it sometimes opens up certain links in new windows...just annoying, I'm going to give it a try right now!

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    I'm trying it out right now. I like it!

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    I'm sticking with Safari, I haven't had much success with the Mozilla Engine on Mac's, it's just not as responsive as it could be and feels kind of clunky, but Camino 1.5 is defiantly an improvement but I'll stick with Safari for the time being anyway.
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    I like it, it's a pretty decent improvement!

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