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    Dodgy searches - Safari
    A "friend" searched something a little naughty on google. Now every time I type "s" into google the whole search query comes up. I can't stop this. I've emptied the cache, cleared the history, deleted all the cookies. Normally I ask my "friend" to use "private browsing" for those sorts of things, but I guess he forget. The retard.

    Any help?


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    Run a search for then delete the history.plist file, and for good measure, though it's probably overkill but who knows where else he went or may have downloaded, the,,, org.videolan.vlc.plist, everything in the downloads folder of the QuickTime folder in your Library folder, and com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer.plist.

    Actually, you can open all those plists with TextEdit to see whether any sites are listed that you'd rather not be.

    Edit: Fixed one of the Preview plists listed.

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    maybe… "clear recent searches" in the google search window? (hold down on the arrow next to the magnify glass)
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