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    Firefow will only open PDF in Preview
    When i try to open a PDF-file in Firefox, I can only choose to open it with Preview. Normally one would expect that I at least also should have the option "Other", but no, not with Firefox.

    In Safari I can open PDF's in Adobe.

    I can of course save the file to disk, and then open with Adobe, but I would so much like to open in Adobe without the hazle (like I could in Windows).

    Please. Should there be a good soul in this forum who can help a novice Mac-Rookie?

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    The MIME Edit extension for Firefox allows you to change this behaviour. It includes choices as to whether you always want to use whatever app you choose to use, and whether you want it to ask each time.

    But there is no way to stop the downloading of every pdf document Firefox opens. There is much gnashing of teeth on the Mozillazine forums about this (if you can find the posts).

    The entire site that the board uses is handy when you need help, though it can be a bit of a dog's breakfast. The link above goes to the board's search page. If you try it, type mac in the top search field so you aren't bombarded with Windows and Linux threads, and to haul up the maximum number of threads, change "1 day" to "three months." Change the Forum dropdown to "Firefox Support" and the "Category" dropdown to "Mozilla Firefox."

    The board is not officially Mozilla's. It's run by volunteers.

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    Jun 05, 2007
    It works !!! Adobe opens PDF's in Firefox
    The MIME extention did the trick.

    Thanks a lot. You guys ROCK.....

    I love my new Mac :-)

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