So yeah, I found the following on the .Mac site...

>>Learn what to do if the Themes pane is blank after upgrading to iDVD 6.
To resolve this issue:
Go to /Library/Receipts/ and drag iDVDThemes.pkg to the Trash.
Empty the Trash.
Insert iLife 06 DVD and launch iLife 06 installer to custom install iDVD 6.
Click Continue until Select a Destination screen.
Chose your destination volume, click Continue.
Click Customize.
Uncheck all options except Registration, iDVD, and iDVD Themes
Click the Upgrade button and enter Administrator password.
When prompted to register, click Later.
Click Close when done.
Verify that the iDVD themes were successfully installed.
If the themes are installed, run Software Update to ensure you have the most recent version of iDVD.<<

So after I did all this, the "Loading Themes" window appears and it loads and loads and loads and loads and never seems to end. I let it go for about 4 hours once. Am I still not giving it enough time to load these suckers? Or is some other problem still at work here?

Help. Thanks.