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    MacBook Mail, Safari and other problems
    Hi all

    i started my macbook today and it was relatively slow to start. When i fired up safari i was asked for a keychain password (a request i have never seen before). as far as i know i don't have a keychain password so i pressed cancel. again the same password window popped up so i tried my mail login password to no avail, so i pressed cancel to see the password window close and not return.

    i then started up Mail to be presented with the Mail setup window, so i cancelled and rertried. i was again presented with the Mail setup window,so i went through the process of setting up my email account. after setting up i sent an email to my college email account and logged in to the college server and found the email i had sent. i then sent an email from my college account to my home account (the email account i had sent from my macbook) but so far i haven't recieved it. if i check my email through my service provider web site the email from my college account to my home account is shown but is not getting through to my macbook.

    as far as safari is concerned every 10 mins or so the keychain password window pops up but pressing cancel on the 1st window presents the same window a 2nd time then cancel the second window get rid of it for approx 10mins then the keychain password window appears again. also all bookmarks and history has vanished from safari.

    there are other problems, the primary use of my macbook is mobile audio recording using pro tools for that purpose. the pro tools icon sat in the dock but has now vanished from there. pro tools is still on my macbook but is no longer represented in the dock.

    The macbook in question is no more than 6 weeks old and email and internet accounts have been setup and fully operational since i bought it 6 weeks ago.

    all help greatly appreciated

    MacBook Mac OS X (10.4.9)

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    Try this on Safari.

    This issue can appear after upgrading Safari. It's attempting to regain authorization to its "autofill" keychain entry. All you have to do is:

    1) Quit Safari
    2) Open Keychain Access. Find the "Safari AutoFill" item. Delete it.
    3) Continue using Safari. Next time it asks for authorization, click "Always Allow".

    See if that takes care of it for you.

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    NOTE: Not a hardware issue. Moved to proper software forum.
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    I have a problem with Safari's autofill. It prompts with annoying suggestions that I would rather delete or disable. I tried deleting the autofill in keychain, but it is still prompting me.

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    I have a macbook; bought Aug 2008, cannot send email (using, every time is click send it closes the yahoo email browser.


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