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    How can I block certain websites?
    Hey everyone-

    Is there a way I can block certain websites in Safari? I do my homeschooling online, and there are some websites (like myspace and youtube lol) that disctract me from my work.

    I want to maybe make a separate account on my mac for when I do my school work, and then make it so there are certain sites I can't access with Safari.

    I really don't understand why the 'parental controls' on the mac don't let you block certain sites! You have to have every page you allow your child to access in bookmarks bar! I mean, that wouldn't even allow kids to do internet research for homework! It seems kinda pointless to me, unless your kid is like 6 years old. In which case, you probably shouldn't even let them use the internet without supervision.

    Other people use my computer, so I also wouldn't mind blocking certain types of sites, like those blockers that block porn, gambling sites, cites with drugs/violent content, ect.

    What are some good FREE programs I could download to do this??!!

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    I use Pithhelmet which can block the banner ads and certain web sites

    Someone just posted a similar question Here
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