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Blair78 05-28-2007 05:33 PM

DVD decrypt/burning software
I have some older DVD's that are starting to age a bit through wear and tear. I'm looking for the best software to decrypt and copy my movies so that I can make backups of them, even if it means purchasing it.. Is anyone familiar with this? I read somewhere that Toast Titanium was a good program. Can anyone give me any feedback?

Thanks in advance,


FishinFool 05-28-2007 08:31 PM

Toast is a good program however, it will not decrypt the DVD's for you. For that you need Mac The Ripper. You will also need a good amount of HD space as DVD's can be 7gb large

coach_z 05-28-2007 10:06 PM

my best suggestion to you is to use the forum search function this topic has been covered one million times twice....

PowerBookG4 05-29-2007 02:42 AM

talking about decrypting professionally created dvds is also against forum rules.

MaDDoG 05-29-2007 02:51 AM

Read the forum rules. Then search search search are the three next most important rules.

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