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    Office Alternative??

    I am new to using Mac and I am a switcher.

    I am currently using Microsoft Excel For Mac, but found it very slow as I am using a Intel Macbook.

    I am look for any alternatives out there to use for Excel.

    I have tried NeoOffice, but there are some bugs in it.

    Is there any native OSX office programs?



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    Well, Not sure about an alternative for MS Excel. BUT I use Apple Pages and Keynote which are the alternatives for both MS Word and Power Point. I haven't used Keynote that much. But I really like Pages and I think its really nice.

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    What bugs have you found in NeoOffice? I am like MinaMACMan and use iWork (Pages and Keynote) for word and Power Point but use NeoOffice for Excel work. I have never yet had an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LasVegas View Post
    I have tried NeoOffice, but there are some bugs in it.
    Do you have the latest version of NeoOffice installed? I had some buggy behaviour with the previous version on my intel iMac. If I just Quit the whole program it would crash, so I had to select Close from the File menu then Quit from the Neo Office Menu.

    I downloaded the newer version a month ago and have only had 1 crash so far.

    27 March 2007: NeoOffice 2.1 is released. This release is based on the 2.1 code and includes all of the new 2.1 features. NeoOffice 2.1 can be downloaded here.
    NeoOffice Download Page.

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    You can download the latest Patch Nr5 from Pulses' link try that.

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    Depending on your needs, RagTime 6 is a very real alternative. It includes a high-end page layout, word processor, a solid/decent spreadsheet and display (ppt alternative). No VBA, but it is AppleScriptable. I have been using the page layout capability for personal use in the past 3-4 years, and recently began trying out the spreadsheet.

    Another one is Papyrus XII. I used it to publish a book last year and it was great, never any problems; began using in Dec 2005. It has some spreadsheet capability and a database capability.

    Both are cross-platform (Mac and Win) and are rock solid. I have never had either program crash the entire time I have used them.

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    You can speed up neo office by disabling fonts which you never use (such as fonts in other languages)

    i found this made neooffice much more faster when the splash screen comes up

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