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    Angry Canon MP500 Takes 100% Cpu
    This has been driving me nuts. Why does PrintJobMgr use 100% CPU power when I print using my Pixma MP500 printer. I'm using a 2.33Ghz MBPro. If I print more than 5 pages my fans are roaring at 6000 rpm, CPU temp is up to 160 degrees . I have gotten no help from Canon, I've reinstalled the driver numerous times. Any help is much appreciated, I've found no other info anywhere else. Thanks.

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    That sounds really bizarre and I can't imagine why it is happening because sending information to a printer isn't that labor intensive. Unless, you're printing some very huge and complex files, maybe I'm just guessing.

    Is this a new problem or has this been doing this since you bought it? If you can, maybe you should exchange the printer at the store you bought it from?

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