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    Restoring Firefox bookmarks
    Half of my bookmarks mysteriously disappeared this morning after a crash. I had a hard time finding out how to restore them but was finally able to get them back.

    So, in case anyone has this trouble here's what I did:

    In Firefox:
    Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks...
    File > Import...
    From file > Continue
    Home\Library\Application Support\Firefox\Profiles\<some random string>.default\bookmarkbackups\

    In that bookmarkbackups folder Firefox keeps a 5 day history of bookmarks. You can view the contents of the bookmarks by double-clicking any of those html files. That way you can see what's in them to help decide which one is best.

    The import ADDS to your existing bookmarks, it doesn't overwrite your bookmarks. So in my case I had some duplicates but it was easy to delete the dupes when the import was finished.

    Maybe someone has a better way but that worked for me.
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    You could avoid duplicate entries by dragging the corrupt bookmarks.html file out and replacing it with one of the backup files or a duplicate of one of them.

    The most recent would be bookmarks.bac. Don't know whether its name must be changed to bookmarks.html, though. Maybe Firefox does it automagically.

    Edit: It would be best to quit Firefox before doing this.

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