I just bought a iMac and am not sure if I should use Microsoft's Entourage or Apple's Mail App? I'm a recent switcher from PC's so am using to Outlook and I know Entourage is different. I like using features such as signatures and am not sure if Apple's Mail app will do everything I need since I use the computer for Office.
From what I've heard there is a plugin that allows you to switch contacts between Entourage and Address Book and a program that lets you switch your tasks and calendar from Entourage to iCal and of course vice versa. Is that true?
I'm not sure from what I've read if that is true for Mail. Is it? I have a lot of emails I save and would rather start with the right program from the beginning instead of changing a month down the line and most of all I'd like to know even if I try one I have the ability to switch my data over if I decide to change programs.