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    iCal & OSX
    is there a particular file associated with iCal that if you moved to a particular directory and opened iCal it would load the same calendar as you had on another computer. i can't log into the computer with the old iCal calendar so i can't export the calendar from within iCal or perform any other functions that would require me to be in the old iCal calendar. the only thing i'd be able to do is copy over the file(s) from the drive that the old iCal calendar/settings is on.

    let me know if this is possible. i tried to make it clear what i was trying to do but if it needs further clarification let me know.


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    I would try compressing your <~/Library/Calendars/> folder and then replacing it with the same folder from the other machine (all while iCal is NOT running). Then launch iCalů if that doesn't work then quit iCal and restore the original folder from the compressed archive.

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