I'm new here

Wondering if anybody could help me out with a link to a FTP client which is able to limit the upload speed? I have a zip file with about 350mb worth of pictures I need to upload to my FTP server, but it takes a few hours with Transmit, and while using Transmit - which takes 100% of my upload capacity - the downloads/surfing the net is worthless.

So, I need some way to limit the upload speed. Doesn't matter if it takes 4 hours and only uploads at 50%.

I've already bought Transmit some time ago, so I would love if there's a free FTP client out there, that I can use just once for this purpose?

I tried "ftp" in terminal, but I can't figure out (even with the use of "man ftp") the correct use of -T / rate, to limit upload (put). If anybody knows how, I would also like to know how to just use ftp in terminal, since this is already free...