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    Photo Booth Icon?
    anyone using a different icon for your photo-booth?

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    rather, anyone still using photobooth?
    But no, I never bothered to change that icon, since I rarely use the app, and I don't have it in my dock - there's no real need for me to change it. Currently, I've only changed some of the Apple apps (never like the default Safari for instance, although it's a really well done icon) but occassionally I'll change most of the ones in my dock. Sometimes, I'll even make all my own to suit the app just to match a wallpaper I might want to use.

    I think if I used photobooth more often, I'd probably change the icon though. I like to have the appearance of my mac changing fairly often.

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    I have had a lot of trouble with my photo both, whenever I try to quit out of it it never responds and I end up having to restart my computer. Because of that, no I don't really use photo booth.

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    awe well i use photobooth alot but, I like the icon alright as it is. ive changed photoshop and ....well pretty much every other one haha. /shrug
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