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    Advice on Backup Strategy...?
    Hi. I'm looking for opinions on the best backup strategy to adopt. My existing one feels a little fragmented, and I'd like to simplify it. Currently I use Chronosync and SuperDuper!, but I now also have Backup and a .mac account.

    My current schedule is as follows:

    Chronosync backs up my Home folder to my iPod at 5pm daily.
    Chronosync backs up my Documents folder to a pen drive at 2.45pm daily.
    Backup, um, backs up by Personal Data and Settings to my iDisk at 4.30pm daily.
    SuperDuper! backs up my entire hard disk to an external hard drive at 3.30pm every Friday.

    Backup seems to heave great integration, and I'd like to make more use of this. But do I need to? How does this look to you?


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    Sounds to me like you've got yourself covered. The only thing I would recommend is choosing which files are priceless (for me that includes photos, music, important documents and my email-primarily because I have a lot of receipts for purchases) to you and burn them onto a DVD every few months. One word of caution, be careful how many times you overwrite if you're using RW, they do have the potential for degradation. Hope this helps...


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    You've got yourself more than covered, certainly more than most computer users (Mac and PC)!

    I second Scott's recommendation for burning priceless files to DVD. I have a significant number of photos in my digital library and I'd be devastated if any of them were lost. So in addition to using SuperDuper to back up to a couple different external drives, I back up my photo library to DVDs and once a quarter I take the DVDs and put them in my bank's safe deposit vault.

    Overkill? Maybe. But I had an instance about two years ago where it completely saved my bacon.

    Good luck!

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