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    Apple Mail (on Tiger) - smart mailboxes / IMAP
    In Outlook 2003, you can define 'search folders'.. so I make a new virtual folder that shows all email sent to/from John Doe. When I click that search folder, it is basically doing a quick search for that criteria. VERY handy at keeping organized, and I prefer this method as to filing everything actively into folders.

    I notice Apple Mail has a similar feature, which is great. However, in Outlook, you cannot use Smart Folders on an IMAP account. Major drawback. Can Mail use Smart Mailboxes with IMAP accounts? Or does it need to be POP?

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    Yes, it works on IMAP accounts as well. I have a .Mac account, google (POP) and 2 fastmail accounts (both IMAP), and I've set up a smart mailbox across all of them.

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