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    Looking for a good backup program
    I am relatively new to the Mac and know it's time for a good backup program. I have looked and seen backup programs such as Silverkeeper and Retrospect. I will be backing up to a hard drive that's attached to a airdisk and at times as well to a Lacie Firewire drive. I keep the Lacie in a safe for a 2nd backup in case of fire/theft or failure of my main backup.
    Also I keep a 3rd backup on DVD offsite but this one isn't backed up often.
    The way I like to do my backups on my server drive is on a weekly basis do a complete system backup and on a daily basis at night do a backup of any data (safari favorites, documents, quickbooks data, etc).
    I have been a PC user for years and used Acronis most of the time and would either do a system backup or select certain directories to backup. I tried a trial of Silverkeeper when i first got my system. Maybe I did something wrong but it seemed hard to use and seemed to only have the full system backup option. What are some backup programs I should try? I know TimeMachine is coming out but I at least need a good solution until Oct.

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    I've got a couple of backup solutions in place. I use ChronoSync ( to sync my Documents folder to a pen drive I keep on my person at all times (except in the bath, shower, etc). This is scheduled to run daily at 2.45pm. Chronosync also syncs my Home folder to my iPod at 5pm. I also use SuperDuper! to backup my entire hard disk every Friday at 3.30pm.

    I'm a belt and braces kinda guy.

    However, now I'm planning on buying a .mac subscription, I'm not sure how these schedules will fit in. Or even how all this will fit in with Time Machine when it's released.

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    I've only been on my new mac for a few weeks. However, if you're a .Mac subscriber, they have a backup program available (free) for download. Additionally, it enables you to use iSync (which, honestly I find priceless). Just a thought... the backup program is easy to use and works well for me.

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