To all who are well versed in PowerPoint animations and keynote features here is my question:
In PowerPoint custom animations we have a 3rd category called 'Motion Paths' which helps you to move object on stage to any desired location from the current position. Say I want to diagnolly move an object from the bottom right side of the screen to the top left side of the screen I can use motion path to achieve this. Here a noticeable difference between the 'fly in' kind of animation had to be mentioned, 'fly in' animations cause the object to fly in from the given direction but initially the object will not be seen on the screen, we would only see it fly in and stop in the desired location. whereas using motion path you can move an existing object that is located anywhere on the screen to move to another location. (sorry for the extended explanation)
My queston is, in keynote I can see 'fly in' animation but is there anything that is equivalent to the above described 'motion path'? (in powerpoint I feel this is a great feature that lets me create movements that will mimic something like panning etc.,

The next question is, powerpoint is not a vector based program whereas macromedia flash is a vector program therefore when we use zooming into any given image in PPT it will get pixelated but in flash this is avoided by converting an image into a symbol...what is it in keynote, is it a vector program? will it get pixelated?

Please help..!!??