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Thread: Mail account doesnīt work!

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    Question Mail account doesnīt work!
    Donīt know if this is the right forum. Anyway I would like to know what you think is the best to do. I am not really an expert with computers.

    I had filevault running on my computer but after I turned that off all my system settings were gone. I installed my set up my e-mail account new, but now only I can recieve emails, but not send anymore.
    The online account of course still works but with the program mail I canīt send mails anymore althoug I put the same outgoing mail server like I had before. At least it stands so on my account paper.
    When I want to send a mail this message this message appears:
    "The attempt to read data from the server "" failed."
    But on my paper stands that outgoing mail server(SMTP) is

    What do you think is the mistake and what should I do. Try the same account settings with another mail program?
    But I want to keep the mail program really. Help is really appreiciated.

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Donīt know if thats help. I am on a macbook with Mac os X version 10.4.9 but I guess it is more of a simple problem.

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