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    Best Note-taking app w/audio

    I have been searching the web and found several note-taking applications for the mac but the only one that seems to have audio integrated in any way is ms office notepad.

    I am about to enter law school and need a somewhat sophisticated note-taking app for class. I will be using a macbook and probably just the built in mic to record the audio and will need to type notes as well.

    I have msoffice and seems to work ok, but was thinking there had to be something better than using a microsoft product!

    Price is not an issue, so if anyone has any suggestions please fire away,

    thanks in advance!

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    I'm curious as to what you're doing currently. Are you using a program from Microsoft Office to record audio?

    Would you be willing to have audio recorded seperately from your typed notes?

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    i am using microsoft office - word... and using the notepad function... it allows you to record audio right in the .doc file. and you can type away on 'lined' paper.

    I guess I am going to use two programs; one for the audio and one for typing.

    unless there is some program that will allow me to take notes AND record audio and keep it all organised in one application - which would obviously be ideal.

    I can't believe there isn't something like this... like the program "schoolhouse" but with the added feature of being able to keep really good/detailed notes

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    This app seems appropriate for your needs
    This reply may be a little late but Circus Ponies NoteBook might be perfect for you. I've been looking for a good note-taking program and have just downloaded this one after watching the video tour and I've been playing with it today. It has a 30 day trial and you can buy it as a student for $30.

    There is a nice feature which seems like what you're looking for - take notes while you record audio. The audio portion relating to your specific note is accessible right next to your note. I'm impressed. My explanation isn't that clear so watch the video - it's rather long but nicely shows what the app can do (the audio/note part is toward the end).

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