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    web cam settings...
    am a newbie , trying to learn my new macbook, this forum is been a lot of help, thanks u all.
    my q's is , is there a way to change the web cam settings for chat?
    like with external cam , u can zoom in and out , and change the light and aperture settings, how do we do with this built in , i cant find it .
    any help wud be appreciated.

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    most of the settings are automatic - focus, white balance, aperture etc. As far as I know, there's no proper zoom function for the built in iSight, or the external iSight. I just don't think it would be worth the parts for apple to make a webcam so small with a zoom function.

    I noticed there are some more advanced webcam settings in aMSN (that's aMSN, not MSN), which actually give you a decent amount of control. Yahoo has some settings, but nothing really advanced - only image dimensions and also speed vs. quality I think. iChat is pretty much all automatic to my memory. I don't think skype has many settings either.

    If you want a webcam with a zoom feature, I'd buy one that has that. Just be sure it'll work for mac - though, there are plenty of freeware drivers which allow most webcams to work for mac.

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    i appreciate ur answer
    i been to many public forums and i hv never found ppl more helpful than this one

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