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    Smile Command & Conquer: Tiberiun Wars on mac?
    I've just bourght C&C 3 for PC and was wondering whether I would have to use my Dads pc to play it or whether I could play it on my mac.. What are the different methods of making it work at its best performance? I have an 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 24" iMac with 2 GB of ram, I've already got bootcamped with Windows Vista installed on it but is there not an easier way of playing it instead of restarting my mac everytime I want to play a game!?! lol

    ANy help is greatly appreciated guy, Thanks Adam

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    you could buy parallels. I dont own an intel mac (yet) so i haven't used it that much. I tried it out at a mac store and it looked like it ran really smoothly but im not sure how smoothly it will run with games. man i sure cant wait till i get an intel mac so i can finally play bf2 again!

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    Not really an easier way until Parallels comes up 3d support.
    You could try Crossover Mac. Works with some games, does not indicate that it's been tested with C&C. It is a free download and trial though.
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    I think BootCamp is your best bet. It's not like it takes long to boot. Quicker than going to another PC and then booting that up.
    Parallels is useless for games (well I find it useless for everything as it takes longer to start than actually rebooting into XP)

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