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    CD to MP3 Ripper

    Firstly apologies if this topic has already been covered. I have tried some searches but they all seem to bring up topics on the software called Mac The Ripper and not what I'm looking for. Ideally I'm looking for a simple, yet effective way of converting some of my old CD albums to MP3 format so that I can play them on my USB based MP3 dongle player. I used to have various programs on my PC what all did the above, however trying to find a Mac version is proving difficult in comparison.


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    iTunes can import directly to mp3
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    trpnmonkey's got it. itunes does it fine. you may want to fine tune the options to your liking (sampling rate, numbering, location to rip to, etc).

    there is a free program called audion that will do this as well if for some reason itunes is really not to your liking.
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