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BIG D 04 03-27-2007 04:20 AM

Let me first of saying how good I actually find this product and I am glad I payed for it as in my view it was worth it....

However recently it's come to my attention that it is incredibly slow in updating feeds, it's as if they are reaching me at least an hour late. I cam noticing this after subscribing to my own Blogs RSS Feeds.

So I instantly thought this was my RSS Feed playing up, however I then checked all my Subscribed RSS Feeds and viewed their Websites and some where upto 3 hours out of date and nothing. With more News often being Posted and my RSS Feed just ignoring it for Hours then telling me.

I had NetNewsWire to update every 30 Mins, I even tried Manual Refreshing but it still wouldn't update? Does anyone know the Reason behind this or any fix that there is. As it's such a Handy little Application and I don't want to get Rid of it.....but this is coming frustrating.

Thinks I have tried
-Clearing Safari
-Resetting Safari
-Using Onyx to do Maintenance on my Mac
-Emptied NetNewsWire Cache
-Setting Refresh Time to Manual

None of those things worked, the RSS Feeds are still out of date in comparison to there Published Date by hours often. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Alot

BIG D 04 03-27-2007 04:25 AM

Sorry I fixed it!

Basically when I turned off Syncing with NewsGator Online I was able to gain my Feeds Instantly, so Sorry about wasting people's time.

Mods feel free to close, thanks alot anyways!

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