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    DataRescue for deleted files
    About a month ago I accidentally deleted some Word documents from my Powerbook. And yes, I have foolishly emptied the trash three times since. I don't need to recover everything I've deleted, just some of these word docs. I am using the latest DataRescue but am finding it frustrating. I have read the intructions and it appears to be recovering files of some kind but what they are I have no idea and many of them have error messageswgen I try to open them.
    I'm wondering if anyone on here hasused it and knows how to decipher the results? I'm confused about what CBR files are, as it is generating alot of them.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Dunno if this is what CBR means in this case, but the Acronym Dictionary hauls up "constant bit rate." But it also hauls up Central Bank of Russia.

    See if you can open the files with a right click, and Open With. Choose TextEdit. You may have to choose "other" if TextEdit isn't in the list, then navigate to TextEdit.

    If that doesn't work, download the free text editor TextWrangler. After it's installed, drop one of the recovered files on the TextWrangler icon or an alias to the TextWrangler icon. The file probably will open.

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