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    Question 'Live' Display Picutre for IM apps possible with iSight?
    I'm about a week away from becoming the proud owner of a Macbook, and can't wait! Anyway, I just had an idea for a great, fun iSight application, and wanted to see whether there was any way to do it already available.

    Basically, I'm an MSN user, and don't have any friends on other IM networks (it's pretty much the only one the majority of people in the UK use) so I'll probably be using MSN messenger on my Mac. What I wanted was, a program that woudld automatically take your photo at the beginning of a messaging session, or say, once every day, and then automatically set it as your IM display picture, overwriting the previous session's photograph. This would be a good feature, I feel, as people would be able to see the exact image of the friend they're talking to as they looked right then, with a new haircut or clothes or location. Obviously, you could just take your own photo every day and set it as your display pic, but that sounds like more effort than I'm comfortable with!

    So does anybody know of a program that will do this already? Or if not, does anybody know how to write one that will?! I'm a complete n00vice at programming, so no chance I can just do it myself, although I would lend a hand where I could. Here's one more possible application for a program like this, just to get your imaginations going... Imagine if you could set the program not to overwrite the previous photo, but to archive them, using the date as a filename, and taking a photograph of you in the same position every day, which you could then make into an animation showing your 'evolution' over time?! I think it'd look quite good!

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    I don't know... sounds like the built-in app Photo Booth could. I'm just not sure about its compatibility with M$'s MSN thingy and if it would accept to load a Photo Booth picture...

    Anyone know about this?

    This Apple webpage contains some info on Photo Booth.

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    This is kinda what you might be looking for, except this one takes your picture every 30 secs. I haven't really looked at a lot of the software on this site (there's so much), so you might be able to find what you're looking for there. Hope this helps.
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