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    Halo, CoD2, or other?
    I've been playing Counterstrike since it was in it's early beta stages before it went retail. I've continued to play via Bootcamp, but now I computer is doing something wierd and my external monitor won't work with the Windows side.

    I've decided it's time to try something new. I have played other multiplayers like Quake and Medal of honor, but I didn't really like their multiplatyer versions. I suppose I just liek the pace of CS. I don't play with any regular groups, mostly just drop in on whatever action looks good.

    Does anyone think I would like Halo or CoD better? (strictly for multiplayer gaming) Are there any multiplayers out I don't know of that would be as good/better than these?

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    from experience once you find a game you love and have played for years you will do really well to find anything that matches that experience. I played socom 1 and 2 on the PS2 for years and was great at these games now ive moved on and these games are dead in the water and ive spent about the last year and a half tryign to find something that i enjoy as much, im enjoying ghost recon av2 on my xbox360 the now but its still not the same.

    Bottom line is fix your problem and keep playing CS you wont find anything as good as it!

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    Halo is fun and I never really like the multiplayer in any CoD or MoH game. My absolute favorite games are the ones in the Battlefield series. You can get BF 1942 for mac, and for the rest you would have to use bootcamp. I would highly highly suggest Battlefield 2, it can be pretty fast paced, but can also be slow depending on what you do. What I love most about the Battlefield games is you can drive or shoot anything you see in the game, and you can be up to 6 different classes: Sniper, Spec Ops, Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Support.

    I know this sounds like a commercial, but I love these games. They have demos on the website so you can check it out before you buy it,

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    You might like Unreal Tournament 2004. Its old, but there are tons of user addons for it, and it is alot of fun. It's my favorite multiplayer FPS game.
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    From experience most of the multiplayer games out there have add-ons which will basically give CS like gaming (i.e pace and maps). I've played a lot of this type of game on my Windows system and love the genre.

    I'd say from experience of playing both - you could find good add-ons to make CoD look/feel like CS.

    However as has been pointed out - you should prob try to resolve your problem with CS before moving on. One reason is that even with add-ons you may not like any other game as much as CS and another reason is that you may go out and buy a game only to find that you still have the same problems. (oh and then just to run it in - when you fix the problem you don't even like the new game :radioacti ).

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