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Thread: Just bought a MacBook Pro. What are the must have applications?

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    Just bought a MacBook Pro. What are the must have applications?
    I am new to the intel processors. any cool / must have / system apps ?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, quattro4life! I take it that you are not a new Mac user?

    Any app you used on your older Mac will do for the most part. If you want the apps to run natively on Intel, look for software that has the "Universal" or "Universal Binary" tag or mention on the webpage. Just make sure your Mac and OS version meet software requirements and you should be fine.

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    NOTE: Not a hardware issue. Moved to proper software forum
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    Must have apps are quicksilver, adium (chat), and windows media player if you watch videos on the web

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    If you listen to a lot of music in iTunes, I would suggest You Control: Tunes. It puts a Previous, Play/Pause, Next, and song selector dropdown menu in your upper menu bar. It's a nice feature so you don't have to keep going back and forth between iTunes and another app. That one's probably my favorite so far.

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    Hi quattro4life - welcome to Mac Forums!!!

    Are you new to Macs, or just new to Intel Macs?

    You may wish to check out the "critical apps" section of my Linux to Mac Switcher's guide, at:

    Even though it is a Linux oriented guide, the list of "Must Have" apps is completely general, specific only to the Mac itself. There is also a good section called "The Care and Feeding of Your New Mac", all about routine maintenance.

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    cool thanks guys. Im glad to see that menu meter is a univ. app.
    has to be my fav.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quattro4life View Post
    I am new to the intel processors. any cool / must have / system apps ?
    Congrats on your purchase! I actually bought the same thing this weekend. This is a new experience for me since I'm a PC users. In addition to that, I also bought the iMac 20" for the family.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Gcane93!

    You bought absolute dream machines. Congratulations!

    And welcome to the Mac platform! I hope you enjoy it a lot! :girl:

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