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    I recently got a second mac, and I set it up to get the same e-mai las my first mac. I keep getting the same mail on both machines. How do I delete the mail from one machine if I've already gotten it on another? I'm using .mac mail and a cox cable account, both are pop accounts if that makes a difference.

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    If I understand correctly, sounds like both of them are configured to leave the messages on the server.
    What you want to do is configure one of the mac's mail account settings to be the one that deletes message from the server.
    Of course, that could be a problem if both macs are online and checking mail at the same time...the 'delete from server' mac could get to it first

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    What you need is an IMAP-enabled service.

    The messages are left on the server which means that you can access them from any computer. As soon as you delete or file a message from one computer, that change will syncronise back to the content on the server meaning it will also be updated on your other computer next time you log on to it.

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