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    Software for benchmarking Win XP/OS X
    Does someone know of a benchmarking program that I can run on an OS X and a PC to get comparative results?
    I just got two new laptops - new Dell from work and a new PowerBook as a personal purchase. They are ~ nose to nose as far as specs go and I want put em up against each other :bushman:

    In one corner we got - Dell Latitude D820 with 2.0Ghz Dual Core & 2Gig RAM & 256mb video card.
    And in the other my new PowerBook with 2.33Ghz Dual Core & 2 Gig RAM & 256mb video card.

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    Most all benchmarking suites must be run in windows which will require you to install bootcamp to make the comparisons.
    Here is a review and a link at the end of the article to some benchmarking done by PC Magazine.

    The best way is to compare the 2 is to run the same software application in each to see how they do. For instance copying an audio CD to your your drive in iTunes, or burning a CD / DVD in each one. You may be able to get some other ideas from their benchmark chart.
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