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    Help extracting an iso
    Ok today is D-day so to speak I am going to install linux on my PS3, or unbuntu as it seems to be the best. I am hoping for OS X but nothing yet.

    Anyway, on the ubuntu forums there is a guide and it says:

    "Extract the ADDON CD iso to the root of your thumb drive using 7zip or similar program. Make sure that you extract the iso so that the contents of the “CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON” folder are in the root of the USB drive.
    Here is a link to a program that will help you if you cannot extract an iso
    (note that there are some helpful documents in the /doc folder)"

    I mean I have experience (some) in linux and iso. But to me this means rip it form a disc. But the file is downloadable.

    My question is, what does it mean I seem to be getting confused with the wording. And is there a similar program for OS X?

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    Since you have a complete "recipe" for doing this on Ubuntu, wouldn't it be safer (and faster) to do it there? Perhaps you don't have access to Ubuntu and you are asking if similar things can be done on Mac OS X?

    There do appear to be 7-Zip unpackers for Mac. See the following link:

    Hope it helps!
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    This has nothing to do with a CD.

    7Zip is a compression format/program. The ISO has been compressed in that format. You will need to use 7Zip or something else that understands that compression format to extract it. (I don't think Winzip will work but Winrar will. No clue if either come in a Mac flavor).

    Then you need to copy the ISO to the root area of your USB stick. (you know, the / area?) An ISO is just a disk image. Treat the USB stick like you were burning the ISO to CD.

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