So I've got OS X 10.4.9 and want to use RDC to connect to my sisters PC back home, running XP Home. I couldn't really seem to do this, dispite typing in her IP address and what not, and so I got her to send me a "remote assistance invitation".

Perfect right? So I get the email, download the file and oops, what do you know? The file I download (named RcBuddy.MsRcIncident) is a type of file not recognised by my MAC. You're kidding? Some idiot from Microsoft made RDC for the mac, but then neglected to add in support for the software to open "remote assistance invitations"?

That seems so dumb it's not even possible to laugh at, I guess I must be terribly mistaken and there is a simple way for explaining how to accept the remote assistance invitation from the xp computer.. (or at least I hope so).

Oh by the way, I tried getting my MAC to open the file using RDC as the specified software but it didn't work.

Thanks heaps.

P.S. I did search the forums first, but didn't seem to find any questions like this. Sorry if I wasn't looking hard enough.