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Thread: which best to play fullscreen vids and flash video

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    which best to play fullscreen vids and flash video
    hello. i just tried to download a flash video from using a free app Flash Video Downloader and obtained a .flv file. now my problem is either to find an app to play that format or an app to convert .flv to .mpg. i've seen many apps like Xinema, Xine, VLC, MPlayer, Cellulo, and yflicks. all of them are freewares, except yFlicks, which also offers video downloading from sites, categorizing, previews, and stuff. could u pls give me any suggestion which app to pick which also best for playing movies with decent subtitles ? or maybe, a video converter for this .flv thing into another ordinary format kind?

    whole bunch of thanks!

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    My guess is that VLC should be able to play your FLV just fine, since there really isn't any format it can't at least make an attempt at doing.

    You also asked a different question in there, though, which was what to use for playing videos with decent subtitles (by this I assume you mean SSA-formatted softsubs in MKV videos and such). For that, I would direct you to the Playback forum at in the thread called "How to play fansubs on your Mac" (or something like that), where you will find detailed instructions on getting MPlayer to do them 100% correctly as well as an easy installer app to do most of the work for you.

    If all you meant with the subtitles was that there were subtitles in the FLV, though, you can ignore the MPlayer bit. I hope this helps. As for converting, ffmpegx might be worth giving a shot since I've yet to see a video it couldn't convert to another format.

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    A simple way to view Flash video files is something called Wimpy FLV Player.
    There is no need to convert the file and you can adjust the screen size to your liking by dragging out the window size.
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    hmm what about...
    Perian codec? heard of that? how is that working with QuickTime?

    well. i meant for something with interface and features as nice as yFlicks seems to be. or close to at least, but with much less price (as in 'free'). heheheh. maybe you could visit for a peek. does VLC really do much? or is there still any other app better to play many kinds of videos and movies?

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