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    Microsoft Word
    Not sure where to post this~

    I bought MS Word Office X last year for my imac, I think its a single license version.

    Just purchased a Macbook G5 yesterday.

    Is there any way I can load MS word on to my MB? I tried, but it gave me an error mssg saying something like "OS 10 Folder Cannot Be Located".

    I'll probably get MS Office 07, but was hoping to use my old office x on the MB until I bought the new software.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Moving since Word is not an operating system. It's an application.
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    Schweb, that's a very profound observation. We learn every day.

    As for the MacBook problem, can you give us the exact error, not just "something like". Did you use the installer? Try reinstalling.
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    ...thanks for the quick response guys, I really appreciate it. I reinstalled this time using the MS Office Installer, instead of the "Value Pack" which used (previously) the Value Pack Installer.

    I have no idea why that worked, I'm sure you do~I not that savvy, just took a stab at a different approach.

    Now, I'm having problems setting up my Entourage~is there any support for that application on this site?

    Thanks again, I'll definately be back~

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