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    Redline game reviewed at Macworld
    I've seen a few posts here and there where some Mac-forums members are driving game fans. Today, Macworld posted a review on venerable Ambrosia Software's Redline.

    Ambrosia Software are the makers of very good Mac games like Apeiron X, Darwinia and EV Nova, to name just a few and some yummy software as well like WireTap Pro and SnapzProX 2.

    If Need for Speed or Gran Turismo are the kind of games you bought a PlayStation 2 in order to play, you’re not going to find a lot to appreciate in Redline. In fact, you’ll probably hate it. But on its own merits, this auto racing game from Ambrosia Software has a lot to like.

    Redline puts you behind the steering wheels of a variety of real-world cars ranging from a VW Golf all the way up to a Lamborghini Diablo, with plenty in between. There’s a simulation mode that emphasizes realistic physics, an arcade mode (and “turbo arcade” mode) that throws caution to the wind, online play, online score tracking, and lots of challenges that unlock new vehicles and racing circuits. ...

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    Thanks for that, MHC!

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    Hey Pulse, no prob! Are you a driving game guy too? This is a game that came out recently. I don't drive in real life and don't drive in virtual life either unless it's a vehicle on rails la Myst.

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    Hi MHC, I have only played a PS2 driving game, and only briefly ... I get too much pain if I'm using the keyboard or gamepad thingy ... But I do drive in real life or non-virtual life like some may say ... lol

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