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    Need a program to copy DVD to DVD
    Hi there? This is my first post, so here is my "hello" to everyone!

    I have a question, i need a software (full version, not trial) to copy original DVD's. I have the toast, but it doesnt copy dvd's that have protection..

    You'll see, im a cinema student and i need to save a lot of movies.. so if you can help me giving me a link, or some way on how to do ti, to overcome the protections.. you give me a great help!


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums!!!

    You need MacTheRipper or MediaFork.


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    Ill try it!

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    not quite what i need..
    well.. both program dont do what i want..
    both programs are made to rip the films to your computer.. ok, thats one thing i want! But they rip it in mpeg4 or in divx.. and i want the full movie, with menus and extras, and that the file its not of 8gb!

    anyone can help me..????
    i just want a program to copy original DVD to another DVD directly..!

    Please.. someone reply me!

    Thanks for the pacience!!

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    mactheripper rips the dvd to your harddrive so you have the VIDEO_TS folder. You can then use toast to burn from that, but I don't know how to do it by keeping all of the menus and other features as that doesn't all fit on one dvd, but I believe that toast can compress the video so it DOES fit on one DVD. You could burn the .mp4 file from mediafork as well with toast but again, you said you want all the I'm not much of a help. But at least I gave you something to read before someone else replies!

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    thanks!! yes at least you gave me a solution!!
    with out menus... well, it's a solution to use until i can find a program that could help me!!

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