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Thread: Finder and folder path

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    Finder and folder path

    is it possible to view the entire folder path in a finder window?
    i.e. if i am in /Users/example/folder/subfolder finder show at the top of the window "subfolder" whereas i would like to see the entire path.

    Any ideas?


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    Nope unfortunately not. However if you select a file/folder in a selected path and select the "Get Info" option (Right Click), you can see the entire path.

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    Another way to find out a folders path is to first have a Terminal window open and then drag the folder in question into that window for its full path to be revealed.

    Novicew's method is quicker though.

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    If you customize your toolbar(Right click) in finder you can drag the Get info button out to the to0lbar and also the Path button. However the path button only shows the path in icon form

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    Check this thread.

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    I remembered the "drag-folder-to-browser-window-to-reveal-full-path" trick but forgot that it needed to be a Mozilla browser .... there i was dragging the folder to the Safari window and watching it bounce back and wondering ....

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    This is one of the main gripes I have about Finder. It tries to be over-simplistic sometimes, especially when I want to find out a file size. Unless I'm in list view, I can't see the file size with just a click. I hope they fix that in Leopard with a new Finder (that "Chardonnay" thing).
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