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    Creating ISO images?

    I have files of a DVD containing Fedora Core 6.0 on my iMAC. I want to create an ISO of these files. I want this ISO to make a bootable DVD of it.

    Please can anyone help me with creation of an ISO disk image on iMAC?

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    Probably this software can do it. Read the information in the help menu.

    ISOlator 2.0

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    Disk Utility can do it. Just pop the disk in, the go to File -> New -> Disk Image from <labelofdisk>. Select CD/DVD Master as the type and No Encryption and a file with a .cdr extension appears. This is your disk image (they don't call it ISO because DVDs don't use ISO9660 file system).

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    Apples hdiutil seems (and has been said) to not be able to create bootable disks. D'uh!

    Perhaps mkisofs with the -udf option will work for you. I've only done CD images. I used mkisofs that came with ffmpegX so I made an alias to that instead. Surely it is downloadable by it self.

    alias mkisofs "/Applications/3rdParty/Tools\ Video/ffmpegX/"

    Then did this.
    mkisofs -r -o bsd40b.iso -b 4.0/i386/cdrom40.fs -c boot_catalog -l -v /Users/dreely/Parallels/OpenBSD/OpenBSD

    -r keeps lowercase to lowercase.
    -o bsd40b.iso is the end result file that is bootable and burnable.
    -b 4.0/i386/cdrom40.fs is the file that gets boot when booting the cd.
    -c boot_catalog adds a boot catalog and is required for a bootable cd.
    -l allows for 31 character file names.
    -v /Users/dreely/Parallels/OpenBSD/OpenBSD is where my content is.

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