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    Hard Drive Scrubbing/Erasing Software?
    I have a bunch of hard drives that I'm selling but I want to erase them completely before I do i.e. something a lot more secure than just reformatting them a few times.

    I've found various bits of software for the PC that can do this and am currently using one such program on the PC laptop but it's going to take over 24hrs to do just one drive and I have 5 other drives so can anyone recommend any software for the Mac that can do this, and hopefully faster?

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    are you attaching via usb?

    you can just use the standard disk utility. when you format i'm almost certain it gives you the opportunity to "blank" the disk with a given number of passes.

    it may not be any faster, but you could do a couple at a time with a mac and pc going at the same time.
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