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Thread: GIMP not working

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    GIMP not working
    I have installed Gimp on my mac about 1 month ago and it worked fine, but then I uninstalled about 2 GB of useless fonts with a program. (can't think of the name). I found it here in there forums, anyways now after deleting the fonts averytime I start Gimp all the letters turn to little rectangles! Obviously I deleted the a type of font that is important to gimp. How can I get that font back? Is in the discs that apple supplied?

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    It's dangerous to delete fonts unless you double-checked to make sure you didn't delete any system fonts. I don't know which version of OS X you are running, but this is Mac OS X 10.4: Fonts list. Make sure all these fonts are accounted for on your hard drive.

    Then maybe you could try to uninstall GIMP and reinstall it. Before deleting GIMP, make sure it doesn't include its own uninstaller which would make a cleaner job and would ensure the deletion wouldn't pull anything else but its own bits an pieces.

    Hope this helps. :girl:

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    delete .font-cache (or .fonts-cache1...something like that) from your home directory.

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    Thanks guys for your help. Finally got my fonts back.

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