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    Text problems in Safari/Mozilla
    I guess this a rather strange problem but when I am using the Internet (I usually use Mozilla, but Safari is exhibiting the same problem for me) sometimes the text appears scrunched up/crammed. I've attached an image for a better visual as to what I am saying and so far, I have tried deleting my preferences for both browsers, but the problem has not been fixed. I also have a problem of seeming to type faster than the cursor in text boxes used in forums (this problem is not apparent in the really simple HTML text boxes that use Courier or when I use Facebook, Word, Livejournal... etc.) So, what happens is as I type, a few letters at the end don't show up (but they're "there," so to speak--the cursor just stops moving to the right as I type.) It's pretty much only when I am viewing another website or typing in a forum box. And no, this is not an issue with individual websites as this problem occurs when I use Google. It's driving me crazy; please help!

    Here's what I'm talking about when I view the login page for Gmail...

    Another thing: It's also very strange, but sometimes, the text rolls off the side of the browser... like, a sentence continues a few words past the bounds of the window as though the text area is wider than the window... (this is shown by the second picture which is capped from this very forum.)
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    I'm having these same problems. It doesn't seem to happen in Safari, just every other browser I've tried to use on my Mac. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
    Mike Bowden

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