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    Crazy Mac Excel Question
    So maybe i'm just really anal but I thought I would ask anyway because it is bugging me that much.

    In my Excel spreadsheet, after I horizontally or vertically scroll to the end of my data, there appears a large gray area with nothing in it. I have searched everywhere on how to remove it with no luck. I have had good luck on this forum so far (which is why I will continue to buy macs) so I thought I would try. How do I get rid of this large gray area (which is now officially my nemesis) so that scrolling stops at my last column or row with data, and not clear down to the end of the gray area?

    If there is no way, I will humbly accept my defeat....

    Thanks for the help, and I faithfully use the reputation system.

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    Not happening for me. I can scroll forever and Excel just keeps adding rows or columns as I scroll. Must be some setting I'm not aware of.

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    well, it should only scroll a certain amount to the side (i want to say 255 columns, but i might be wrong), but it could go on forever (theoretically) going down.

    also, are you using the arrows or the scroll bar to scroll, or are you doing it with a pointer trick? scroll bars should stop, the arrow and pointer tricks will go well past your data as you've noticed.

    edit: just checked, sideways my excel stops at column IV, which if you write a 1 in either the first or last column and then incrementally copy it to the other side ends up with 256 columns.
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    What version of Office are you using?

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    Howdy. It probably means that somehow you (or someone else) has hidden columns and rows.

    You should see 256 columns (Column IV is the last), and 65,536 rows. This is true for XL 98, 2001, X, and 2004 as well as corresponding Windows versions XL 97, 2000, 2002, 2003.

    If/when you upgrade to XL 2008, then you will have 16,000+ columns and 1,000,000+ rows.

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    If the columns or rows are hidden, to unhide all of them, click on the small square above and to the left of cell A1, which selects the entire worksheet. Then go to

    Format > Row > Unhide


    Format > Column > Unhide

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