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    colours more vivid on iphoto than desktop
    Hello all,
    I am new to Mac. I'll try to be short.
    I used a photo as my desktop background on my macbookpro. However, when I opened the same photo in iphoto, it looks much sharper and the colors are much more vivid than on my desktop background.
    I noticed the same thing with all other photos. They look better in iphoto than in Preview for example.

    Could someone explain why this is so?


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    my guess is that iPhoto may recognise embedded colour profiles, whereas preview may not (although you can match and assign profiles in Preview through Tools.) Perhaps try duplicating an image, assign a profile to one, and test it in both preview and iPhoto at the same time.

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    Perhpas you have your desktop preferences to "Stretch to fill screen"- would definitely make the image look less sharp if it is smaller than the screen size.

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