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    Bottcamp ONLY in Beta? and Keyboard freezing up?

    Just wondering, is the only version of Bootcamp that is available in Beta mode and does it have an expiry?

    Reason I ask is I am wanting to install it on my new Macbook I will be using for work, due to the fact that the applications I will need are Windows (Yuck) based?

    Also, when trying to install Windows through bootcamp, when it gets to the install windows screen and asks to hit "EnteR" the keyboard officially stops working all together. IS there anyway around this?

    Thanks a lot

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    yes it is only in beta and is supposed to expire on either the day leopard comes out or 2008 whichever comes first. make sure you are using a wired keyboard.

    have you thought about using parallels?
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    I have parallels as well, which I run on my iMac, however i think booting directly into Windows will be much better for buisness type apps running. As well as it using all 2GB of ram for one OS instead of sharing, as the GUIU interfaces I use are memory intensive for work.

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