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Thread: Pop-unders in safari?

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    Pop-unders in safari?
    Lately I have been having a problem with numerous pop-unders when using safari. Most are from vonage and netflix. Driving me crazy. Does anyone know a way to block pop-unders in safari? The pop-up blocker is up and running, and I know its blocking pop-ups, but i am still recievig pop-unders. I thought safari blocked all pop-up and unders.

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    This isn't for Safari, but Firefox will let you disable at least some pop unders. Many pop unders are a form of pop ups from Java, Flash or other plugins.

    To defeat them:

    1. Type about:config into the Firefox location bar.
    2. Right-click on the page and select New and then Integer.
    3. Name it privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins
    4. Set the value to 2.

    BTW, the possible values are:

    * 0: Allow all popups from plugins.
    * 1: Allow popups, but limit them to dom.popup_maximum.
    * 2: Block popups from plugins.
    * 3: Block popups from plugins, even on whitelisted sites.
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    Hi jaster!

    For Safari, if you are looking for a ready-made solution, look up PithHelmet. I've been told this Safari add-on blocks everything.

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